Dedicated to the tradition and history of DIY artistry & hand craftsmanship – our use of natural botanical dyes, twist & marbled resist, and salt rinsed finishing makes all of our items truly stand-alone.

All done by-hand in-the-studio (NYC) – using overstock from high-quality, recognizable brand-name manufacturers; new stock from European certified earth-positive & fair wage manufacturers; or choice vintage – there’s a reason why this hoodie is soon to be your all-time favorite.

Why is this eco x DIY look better than most? The look is a combination of casual wear precision with artful craftsmanship and considerations. The dyes used are limited and hand-crafted; the dye process includes a natural elements drip-dry, and a salt bath finish to give you an extra softening effect.

The result is green label excellence.




This heavy-weight T is made from 100% cotton jersey, and weather-dyed with natural organic dyes. The front features official Uniqlo x Disney artwork. Part of our sustainable initiative that makes effective use of all sourcing and resources. Check out more from our *very unofficial* UNIQLO collection.

Is our natural really natural? Yes. We prepare the fabric with all natural fixatives, use botanical plant dyes, salts and all natural finishes. Our stock is luxury-market-quality, with human-friendliness-sensibility. (#we<3earth)




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