Rice(&Veges): Corn Soup

Corn Soup :: コーンスープ :: sopa de maíz Prep Time: 5 minute Ingredients: In a pinch, I have made this soup with just the chicken stock and […]

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Window Leaves

Heat Pressed Leaves :: 紅葉 :: hojas de otoño Prep : Books about autumn leaves! Materials: How To: HEAT PRESSED LEAVES more from the art table […]

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Sculpting with Play-Doh

Play Dough :: 『プレイドウ』:: plastilina Materials: How To: Note: To remove from carpet – DO NOT use hot water or cleaning solutions. Simply let the […]

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Pasta: Tomato Sauce, Garlic & Anchovies

Puttanesca Marinara :: プッタネスカ・マリナラ :: marinara puttanesca Prep Time: 5 minute Ingredients: Pasta Olive Oil 4-6 cloves of chopped garlic 1 onion, chopped (optional) Large can of […]

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Pointillism & Dot Pop

Painting via dotting :: 水玉模様 :: puntear Materials: How To: Variation: Trace your lower arm and hand, use this as your tree and branches. Dot […]

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Eggs: Over-Easy with Rice

Both-Sides-Fried-Soft :: 目玉めだま焼やきの両面りょうめん焼やき、黄身きみ柔やわらかめ :: huevos fritos volteados con arroz Prep Time: 5 minute Ingredients: Oil Eggs Rice Toppings: Salt & Pepper; Red Pepper Flakes; Chili Sauce; Soy Sauce; […]

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