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  • Coffee Break x playing with markers
    It’s: Coffee Filter Art :: コーヒーブレイク Prep Time: 5 minutes / Play Time: From 20 minutes, depending on love of independent play with markers … Materials: Coffee Filters: In this example, I used Basket. Water. Markers. Small Cups (or small bowl for inverted submersion, see below). Variations: You can use cone filters, you just have to adjust where/how… Read More Coffee Break x playing with markers
  • School Project: Paste
    It’s: Wheat Paste :: メリケン粉 のペースト Prep Time: 5 minutes / Play Time: From 20 minutes Materials: All Purpose wheat flour (or corn starch). Water. Measuring & mixing tool. Bowl or container. Paint brush. Variations: You can substitute corn starch for the wheat flour. #paopao #ふくろう #whew #whoknew # 分からない #woohoo #ioi #owlsofinstagram Instructions: 1. Gather all of the materials… Read More School Project: Paste
  • Baking with … Crayons
    It’s: Baking … with Crayons :: 焼く Prep Time: 30 ~ 60 minutes / Play Time: From 20 ~ 60 minutes ~ / Materials: Old, broken, unused Crayons. Bowl to hold crayons with water, bowl to hold peeled crayons. Silicon Baking Molds. Cookie Sheet & Parchment or Aluminum Foil. Variations: I used cake-pop and muffin molds, however, you can… Read More Baking with … Crayons

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