PLAY: Planting Seeds

Seeds ::『種子』:: semilla


  1. Grow Bag (optional)
  2. Seeds
  3. Potting Soil (optional)
  4. Gloves (optional)
  5. Rake or Scoop (optional)

Scoop soil into grow bag (if using), alternatively poke a few holes into your existing soil. Typically the seed packages indicate when to plant your seeds, this depends on your location (based on zone and average temperatures). The packages will also usually indicate the best type of sun exposure. We have not *yet* tried to start any seeds indoors – so it is all still a bit of an experiment with the kids. We have had some successes, and failures…

After digging (and playing with rollie-pollies)- plant your seeds; cover with more soil, and water…

Augh – and then the clean-up 😉

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