Plants & Animals

Diorama ::『ジオラマ』:: diorama


  1. Shoebox or Cardboard box
  2. Paper
  3. Toilet paper or paper towel rolls
  4. Markers, crayons, paint
  5. Yarn, scrap fabric
  6. Leaves, flowers, food scraps
  7. Washi or other paper tape
  8. Glue or paste

My daughter’s teacher introduced the relationship between plants and animals and our ecosystems during science instruction. She assigned the kids to complete a diorama of their chosen animal and relative ecosystem. My daughter chose the rainforest and it’s relationship with chimpanzees: the chimpanzees use the rainforest as a habitat, and the rainforest uses the chimpanzees for it’s lifecycle.

It can’t go without noting that we are also – currently- dealing with the effects of human encroachment and deforestation, both of which change native landscapes and impact plants and animals that live in that area.

We chose to use sustainable materials from and found in nature, that can be recycled back into nature or used again for another purpose. As she built the structure, we also had to consider how we will deconstruct it, and place the separate components into recycling, or for other usage.

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