PLAY: March Madness

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  1. Shoe box with lid
  2. Paper cup, or toilet paper, or paper towel roll, cut into smaller tube.
  3. Craft or Washi Tape – made from paper (non-PVC)
  4. Flexible (reusable) spoon
  5. Scissors
  6. Pom-poms, or scrap paper balls
  7. Optional: paper, paint, markers, other items to decorate the court

My daughter loves basketball! <3 She tends to get a bit tired of computer games as spring approaches, but it can still be a bit uncomfortable to go outside for long stretches. We had purchased some new spring sneakers, and – having formed a habit to not-immediately put the shoe boxes into recycling – we put together a mini basketball game. She taped everything together and decorated. I guided, and used the scissors to punch the hole for the spoon.

Place the shoe box lid, upright inside or outside the box base. Secure with enough tape. Gently attach paper cup (or toilet paper roll) with tape. Punch hole for spoon “free-throw” lever, attach securely with tape. Adjust paper cup placement if necessary. Decorate and try to make baskets!

When you are done: disassemble and place paper and craft tape into recycling.

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