PLAY: Recycling Lettuce

Refrigerator Garden ::『冷蔵庫ガーデン』:: refrigerador jardín


  1. Optional: knife suitable for children
  2. Romain lettuce core/stem(s)
  3. Container with lid. (Try lining the dish with a damp towel. What difference does it make?)
  4. Refrigerator if using
  5. Alternative: small jar with water

I was saving the bottoms of the lettuce for a printing project, and came back with new lettuce! It was really that incredibly easy.

Place rinsed stems into a container, cover, and leave in the refrigerator. The moisture from the rinsed lettuce will create condensation if the container is closed, and the refrigeration prevents wilting. (Alternatively, place in a bit of water. Try near a sunny window vs. in the shade?). About ten (10) days later, check for growing new lettuce! Trim and add to your favorite salad mix.

I also included part of some onion I hadn’t used …

After you have exhausted the lettuce stem, chop-it-up and “make it disappear” with garden magic. Try again with other vegetable stem scraps!

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