PLAY: Scrap Fabric Tassels

Tassel Trim ::『タッセル』:: borla


  1. Scrap Fabric
  2. Scissors

How To:

  1. Cut scrap fabric into approximate 6in to 8in x 1/2in strips (for an approx. 3in or 4in tassel). You can vary length and width depending on how long you want the tassel, as well as the consistency of the fringe.
  2. Stack between 8-16 pieces. Take a separate strip , or piece of twine, and tie a double-knot around the middle of the stacked strips of fabric.
  3. Turn over, and then fold one side of the fabric over the knot.
  4. Take another strip , or piece of twine, and tie a double-knot just below the fold, bringing all of the fabric together to form the tassel. Tuck the ends of this knot into the tassel until they blend.
  5. Tie a decorative knot at the top. Voilà!

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