PLAY: It’s the Lunar New Year!

Lantern Art :: 『灯籠 アート』:: arte de linterna


  1. Construction paper
  2. Markers, paint, crayons
  3. Glue or tape
  4. (Optional): Glitter, stickers, stamps, etc. –

How To:

  1. I divided my sheet of paper into four (4) to make smaller lanterns, but they same principal applies for larger pieces of paper.
  2. Cut along the fold lines.
  3. Decorate the paper: firework scribbles; florals; gold coins; Chinese zodiac animal; Chinese Hanzi (漢字) greetings …
  4. Fold the paper, so paper length touches. Make cuts along the fold.
  5. Place glue on one edge of the paper. Roll the paper together to make a cylinder, connecting with the glue.
  6. Using a separate sheet of paper, cut strips.
  7. Dab glue on each end of the strips, attach inside the lantern.
  8. Optional: For added play, include an inner tube/cylinder. Insert inside the lantern. Dap glue at the top of the cylinder. Alternatively, wrap the decorated & cut paper around the tube, using additional glue at the top of paper to secure.

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