Chicken: Thighs & Stock

Chinese Steamed Chicken :: 蒸し鶏 :: pollo al vapor

Prep Time: 5 -10 minutes


Chicken Thighs


Salt (optional)

This is about as easy as making cereal (but does take longer to have a final result). We usually eat the plain steamed chicken with rice & beans, and maybe add a chili sauce or curry/achaar. Other favorites: chicken salads, tacos, chicken soups, pasta, and/or noodles…

How To:

  1. Fill Instant Pot with 4 C of water.
  2. Add insert.
  3. Add basket insert, place chicken inside the basket.
  4. Place lid and turn until sealed.
  5. Pressure cook10 minutes on high.
  6. Allow for steam release, set aside the chicken.
  7. Save the chicken broth for soups and noodles.

Notes: I don’t usually wait around for the chicken to cook after I press “start” – so the natural release function has become my default. The result is a more tender, easy-to-shred style. However, if you are looking for a firmer texture, after the 10 minutes of pressure cooking, use the quick-release function. This will shorten the additional cook-time.

DOUBLE HAPPINESS 泡泡 by chief&mischief