Floriferous: Bloom Freely

Bulbs :: 開花球根 :: bulbo de flor


  1. “Amaryllis” bulb (technically, if purchased in the US, it is probably a Hippeastrum).

How To:

  1. Place in a dish (per the Lowe’s or Home Depot variety). If you are able to buy/order a bulb directly from a nursery or local merchant, you can plant it in soil – allowing for about 2/3 of the bulb to remain exposed.
  2. Watch it grow! Day-by-day notice the changes, soon the flower will bloom! If your bulb is in soil, water it thoroughly once. You will not need to water it again until after the flower blooms.
  3. From Growing with Gardening, by Bibby Moore: “After your bulb has bloomed, don’t throw it away. It will develop leaves to build up energy for next year’s display. [Water … and then ] when all danger of frost has passed, plant it outdoors about 2″ below the soil level, pot and all.” I suggest to experiment with a sunny (vs. low sun?) location if you live in a colder environment.
  4. Consider using a pot made from organic materials! If you cannot plant your bulb outside, compost it.

Variation: Poinsettia’s are also great! You can lightly water them through the winter months, then when the leaves begin to drop, stop watering, and move to an out-of-the-way, but sunny location. By next autumn new leaves could start to grow.

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