Sculpting with Play-Doh

Play Dough :: 『プレイドウ』:: plastilina


  1. Play-Doh
  2. Baking Mat
  3. Old and/or small baking tools
  4. Play-Doh accessories

How To:

  1. Open the dough, and show how to roll-around in your hand to form a ball, smash, and press; cut, form and build …
  2. Store Play-Doh in it’s original resealable container.
  3. To revive dry, hard Play-Doh, add water and knead. You may need to wrap it in a very wet paper towel for a bit, first.

Note: To remove from carpet – DO NOT use hot water or cleaning solutions. Simply let the dough dry completely, then loosen it with your fingers or stiff brush, and vacuum. Repeat if necessary.

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