At Home with a View

Window Views
Window Views

Drawing with a vanishing point :: 描画:: dibujo


  1. Paper
  2. Crayons, Paint, Color Pencils

Variations: Draw your dream home, dream room, home in outer-space!

How To:

  1. Start with a square or rectangle.
  2. Find your vanishing point (the center of the square or rectangle in this case), place a small dot.
  3. Trace a line – with your finger – from your vanishing point through the corner of your rectangle or square, and beyond.
  4. Draw that line, but only from the outside corner of your square/rectangle.
  5. For Window view (above): repeat from all four corners.
  6. For House (below): repeat trace from your vanishing point, then draw one line from the upper corner. For the foundation line, draw a parallel line, stopping at the level of vanishing point mark.
  7. For Roof: trace straight up from your vanishing point, stopping at a point that matches side wall – make this the center of your triangle roof, draw your triangle. Connect the points, and add your dream home details!

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