Blood Fluid

What’s in your blood fluid? Worksheet from “My First Human Body Book” by Donald M. Sliver & Patricia J. Wynne
from “Let’s Read and Find Out” – A Drop of Blood, by Paul Showers, Illustrated by Edward Miller

Blood Fluid :: 血液 :: sangre

Prep : Book or printable about blood cells


  1. Jar
  2. Fruit Punch (Fluid); Strawberry Cheerios (Red Blood Cells); Marshmallows (White Blood Cells); Mini M&Ms (or Lentils) (Platelets)
  3. Mix, and you’ve made a model make-up of your blood fluid.

I am trying to introduce more beans and legumes into my diet, so thinking I will revisit this and try to make a tomato-based bean soup. Beans and legumes are packed with iron! Iron helps to produce hemoglobin in your red blood cells, which then carry oxygen throughout your body. Could be a win-win!

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