PLAY: New Crayons

Making & Baking with Crayons :: 焼く

Prep Time: 30 ~ 60 minutes / Play Time: From 20 ~ 60 minutes ~ /


  1. Old, broken, unused crayons.
  2. Bowl to hold crayons with water, bowl to hold peeled crayons.
  3. Silicon Baking Molds.
  4. Cookie Sheet & Parchment or Aluminum Foil.

Variations: I used cake-pop and muffin molds, however, you can use any shape. I like the cake-pops for toddlers, the result is a large crayon that is easy to grip.


1. Gather all of the material, and pre-heat oven to 300°F or 150°C .

2. Soak the crayons in water, for about 20 minutes, to loosen the paper wrappers prior to peeling.

3. Peel the wrappers.

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4. Put the crayons into your molds.

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5. Melt the crayons in the oven for about 10-15 minutes, or until mostly melted. I recommend using a cookie sheet underneath the molds to keep them steady while baking. (I used an old one, that I no longer use, however if you want to reuse your cookie sheet, put a piece of aluminum foil or wax paper down as well.)

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*I believe it is possible to use the microwave for melting crayons, however, I have not tested this method, and therefore cannot offer any recommended instruction.

6. Let the molds harden overnight, then pop them out and they are ready to use.

Variation & Caution:

  • My son basically only wanted to put his fingers into the hot (BOILING) melted wax from the crayons. I eventually let him dip his fingers in after the wax had cooled enough not to burn him. *It is worth noting: (Of course) the wax is very hot when you remove it from the oven, it melted (!) It has gone from a solid state to a liquid one (!) The crayons reached their melting point.
  • He created his own custom finger crayons, and made some scribble art with his sister.
  • The crayons that molded to his finger eventually broke away from his hand, but it was a great experiment.

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